Went to CTNx (Creative Talent Network) last weekend. It was like every art high I’ve ever gotten multiplied by 1000 and stretched out over 3 days of awesomeness.

Artists are some of the most real, geeky, and fabulous people I’ve ever met (egos and all) and I cannot wait until next year’s event. Wheee!

Some gestures:


I’ve joined the bandwagon.


Resurfacing to post a sketch. Will you see more of me in 2012? Ask the Mayans. Also, Pinterest.Image

Final, Character design, second semester.

It’s Christmas time. I haven’t shopped, sent out cards and have only once said “Happy Holidays” to someone (it was Santa at the grocery store. He cornered me and I had visions of coal in my stocking.)

It’s not because I’m boycotting the season. I love Christmas. But my brain can only handle thinking about 20 things at a time and Christmas would make it 21. Catastrophe would ensue. I’m longing a bit for the days when Christmas was simple, meaningful and exciting.

It’s not too late. I’ll reclaim this Christmas if it’s the last thing I do! [Ashely: prances to stage left while dressed as Christmas elf, poofing glitter into faces of audience.]

Hope your Holidays are quiet and restful.

A Haiku:

Manly Movember,
with your ‘stashes fit for kings,
you make me laugh lots.

Okay, I didn’t say it was a good haiku.

It’s that time of year! The holiday drinks are back at Starbucks, there’s a chill in the air and my scarves have been unpacked. It’s literally impossible to get out of the pocket of warmth that is my bed in the morning, so I’ve settled for being late to everything. Expect this all winter long.

A sketch:

Santa sighting at the grocery store! Clearly, he’s on vacation.

I wanted to travel before I watched these videos. I NEED to travel after them.




Alright, enough of this life nonsense. Back to drawing.

This is Shy Jimmy. He doesn’t do well in public places. As a matter of fact, he would prefer it if you didn’t look at him right now.

Shy Jimmy usually spends his days deep in his basement where he likes to systematically read through the dictionary and plot how he will one day take over the world with his extensive vocabulary.

You see, in the 6th grade, Shy Jimmy had a chance at winning the epic, countywide, annual spelling bee. But instead of impressing his fellow classmates with his dazzling intellect, Jimmy’s extreme introversion and nervousness for public speaking caused him to accidentally throw up all over little Peggy Sue (on whom he had a rather large crush) in the front row. He had a big lunch that day.

The humiliation was too much for Shy Jimmy who ran out of the auditorium, forfeiting the King Bee championship to Ned Tibble who was CLEARLY sub par and did not deserve the honor or the prestige or the babes (Peggy Sue) that came with the rather large trophy.

But let’s not feel sorry for Shy Jimmy. He will have his day in the sun. It will scorch his translucent basement skin but OH HE WILL HAVE. HIS. DAY.

He has penciled it in for next Thursday.

Do you want to hear something shocking? I haven’t drawn in weeks. Actually, this is a lie. I have been sneaking a sketch or two of the unsuspecting public, but that’s all. Instead, I’ve been satisfying my art cravings with some print design.

I am not a designer. This is just a fact. But it’s intriguing and challenging and I enjoy wasting hours of my life looking at examples of it online and this gives me a reasonably good excuse to do that. Or something.

And since I started down the path of design, I figured web design is just the next logical step, right? HOLY COW. Clearly, artists did not create the internet. Seeing as I LITERALLY forgot math and science existed for the past 4.5ish years, looking at <those> symbols and  </crap> makes my brain hurt. The most I’ve ever done with HTML is to change the size of the margins in my old Blogger account. What is with HTML having different versions? What is xHTML? And what does that have to do with CSS? And is there a free program that does all of this for me? We live in the 21st century! I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO DO ANY ACTUAL WORK ANYMORE.

But I am determined to learn it. I will. And I will web design as a hobby and become filthy rich, taking advantage of other poor, visually-brained artists like myself.

Speaking of headaches and design, I was perusing my hard drive this morning (for it is bursting at the seams. Looks like it’s time to delete some old Stargate SG1 episodes. Thatz right. I watch it and I’m proud of it.) and ran across a CD cover I designed a couple years ago. I thought it was particularly relevant.

Oh, Younger Ashely. So cute with your primitive design skillz.